This Week: January 4, 2021

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Image of pileated woodpecker tearing bark off green ash tree.
Woodpeckers tear off bark looking for emerald ash borer larvae.

An elegy for ash trees

The Citizen, Auburn, NY
December31, 2020

Not until it began its extinction did I start to know Ash. Newly befriending the living in their last stages of vigor can be bittersweet; rich and previously unimagined relationships bloom as decline sets in and I wonder, how did I not know them sooner? What did I miss?

Help wildlife by planting native landscaping

Washara Argus
By News Staff on Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Now is the time to start planning native landscaping to help birds, pollinators and other wildlife next year.

Adding just a few native plants can not only help provide food and shelter for pollinators, birds and other wildlife but can increase your chances of watching wildlife. Rain gardens with specialized native wetland plants can also help handle storm water on a property and help keep lakes, rivers and groundwater clean.

Editorial: Plan now to help save monarch butterflies next summer

Let us take a break from early-winter cold to contemplate a summer wonder: the monarch butterfly. A seemingly delicate creature, practically weightless with gossamer-thin wings, it flits and floats like a leaf in the breeze.

Mammal Tracks on Wisconsin

Wisconsin DNR

The secretive ways of most mammals make them rare sights. Tracks are like an animal’s fingerprints in the wild.

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