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Leaving a better place than the one we found is it at the heart of the conservation movement. Conservation Digest is all about private landowners sharing knowledge, skills and stories so that we can carry forward the work of conservation on the property we own.

“… the same spirit that is in me is not only in you–it is in the Canada goose as well. It is in other birds. It is in turtles. It is indeed in the very stones that we are pleased to say have no life, have no spirit.

Anyone who has stood for long in the shadows of the great mountains would say that only softly. An then would not say that at all.”

– George Vukelich (North Country Notebook):

We are here to have fun! The outdoors is awesome, beautiful, inspiring; and it is our home. The more we learn about nature and our place in it, the better stewards we will become.

Most Wisconsin wild land is owned and managed by private landowners; that is the way it has been for more than 150 years and it is the way it is likely to be years into the future.

“Conservation can accomplish its objectives only when it springs from an impelling conviction on the part of private landowners.”

– Aldo Leopold

Public land managers will never have the number of acres needed to protect and preserve the natural heritage of our state, let alone the dollars to manage them properly. As private landowners, we must protect wildlife and the plant communities that support them if they are to survive and thrive. That is how we make sure we can pass along to our children this very special place we call home.


This website and blog were built using open source software developed by volunteers. WoodPress.org has made it possible for hundreds of thousands of individuals, companies and organizations around the world to get their message out. There are far too many people to know much less thank here. To build such a complete and robust platform then share it for free is nothing short of astounding.

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