Lighten Your Brush Cutting Burden

Conservation Digest kicks off a new product review section of our website. People ask about the best choices for equipment, tools, planting materials and even herbicides. We listened and will showcase innovative products and best picks to help you manage your land.

First up had to be the revolutionary Husqvarna 14″ Battery Chainsaw 536 LiXP. Husqvarna wants you to rethink what you think you know about chainsaws. See how well a battery powered chainsaw can pull its weight in the woods.

One thought on “Lighten Your Brush Cutting Burden

  1. […] fully recharged in 30 minutes. The Stihl chainsaw seemed to have somewhat more power than the Husqvarna battery saw tested last year. The Instruction Manual contains detailed information about […]

    1 year ago September 25, 2019

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