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greenworks Pro 18″ Chainsaw

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Product Name:  greenworks Pro 18″ Chainsaw

Manufacturer: Greenworks Tools
Modle Number: GCS80421
Battery: 80VDC

Price: Package $349.99; Tool Only: $195.50
Rating: 4.9



Greenworks sells an entire line of 80V lawn and garden tools that use the same battery and charger system. Marketing chainsaws, lawnmowers, leaf blowers and trimmers with identical power systems pays off huge and helps resolve their biggest drawback – limited battery life.

Battery powered chainsaws weigh less, meaning left fatigue when used for hours on end. I spend many hours clearing brush from my woodland. The difference in weight makes a big difference by the end of the morning.

A gas saw constantly idles, using gas even when moving from cut to cut. Battery saws only operate when actually making a cut. That makes them much more energy efficient.

Their simple design also makes them much more reliable. Battery saws do not flood. Furthermore, you will not need to rebuild or adjust carburetors. All of the noise, maintenance and wear associated with a gas engine is replaced with a simple electric motor. No more annual chainsaw service.

That light weight and reliability comes at a cost. While it only takes moments to refuel a gas chainsaw, recharging a battery takes 45-90 minutes. Since the best chainsaw battery lasts half a long as a tank of gas, this puts a big hit on your workflow.

If you share batteries and chargers between several power tools then there is always a battery charged and ready to use.

Batteries and chargers can be half the cost of a power tool. Sharing batteries and chargers means that I was able to skip buying yet another battery and charger to operate my leaf blower.

The 5/32″ chain and bar allow the 18″ greenworks Pro bar to glide through even large trunks with ease. The thin profile, however, does allow the bar to flex. If you need to make straight cuts, you must take additional care. Stick with a gas saw and 3/8″ bar if you plan to rip rough sawn lumber.

That leads me to the only really poor design feature of the greenworks Pro chainsaw. Its oil fill cap is much smaller than that of its major competitors. It is difficult to fill without spilling. The cap does not lock. The cap can vibrate loose. Where other oil caps have a substantial nylon keeper that prevents the oil cap from falling in the dirt, greenworks Pro uses what appears to be a piece of dental floss. This flimsy thread gets twisted making it annoyingly difficult to close. On the plus side, the translucent oil tank with graduated marks makes it easy to see know when to refill.

Bottom Line

greenworks Pro 18″ chainsaw is simple, powerful, lightweight and reliable. Making it part of a package of outdoor power tools is an even smarter choice.

Greenhorns Pro 80V Chainsaw











  • Battery Power
  • Quick Charging
  • Available Tools
  • Intuitive Design


  • Oil Fill Cap

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