(1a) The botanical nomenclature division consisting of more or less recognizable entities within a species that are not genetically isolated from each other, below the level of subspecies, and is indicated by the abbreviation “var.” in the scientific name (see “botanical variety”); (1b) The rank of taxa below subspecies but above forma; a plant which retains most of the characteristics of the species, but differs in some way such as flower or leaf color, size of mature plant, etc. A variety is added to the specific binomial and preceded by “var.,” such as saxatilis in the epithet Juniperus communis var. saxatilis. (2) Term used in some national and international legislation to denominate one clearly distinguishable taxon from another; equivalent to “cultivar.” (Note: the PMP does not recognize the terms “variety” and “cultivar” as equivalent.) [Source: USDA National Plant Materials Manual]

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