This Week: June 25, 2021

Round-up of weekly news for Wisconsin landowners



Image of volunteer looking for monarch caterpillars on milkweed.

Monarch Larva Monitoring Project

The MLMP is a citizen science research project, based at the UW Madison Arboretum, that has been collecting information about monarch butterfly caterpillars for 25 years. Learn how you can be part of this important work.

Image of jumping worm on someone's palm.

Invasive jumping worms spreading quickly in Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. — When you’re out in your garden, ecologists want you to look for Amynthas, an earthworm known as jumping worms.

Image of tour group seated outside the Leopold shack.

Tours Returning to the Leopold Foundation Center and Shack

All foundation owned properties, including the Leopold Center and Leopold Shack and Farm, will be reopening to the public on Tuesday, July 6th!

United States Department of Agriculture logo.

Apply Now to Enroll in Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently set a July 23 deadline for agricultural producers and landowners to apply for the Conservation Reserve Program General signup 56. USDA’s Farm Service Agency also will accept applications for Conservation Reserve Program Grasslands from July 12 to Aug. 20.

Wisconsin Degree Days

Many plants sprout and flower based on how warm it has been. Check out this chart from the Wisconsin DATCP to see how your neck of the woods compares with average temperatures so far this year.

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