Federal, state and local agencies understand the importance of active conservation practices on private lands. Here are programs that provide money or technical assistance to landowners for conservation work. Most require some level of matching funds from the landowner. These programs typically require a management or project plan, as well as a binding contract that ensures the proposed work is complete.

Agricultural Conservation Easement Program – Financial and technical assistance to help conserve agricultural lands and wetlands and their related benefits.

Conservation Reserve Program – Farm Services

Environmental Quality Incentives Program – NRCS has money for a half dozen areas.

Landowner Incentive Program (LIP) – Wisconsin Driftless Area

Managed Forest Land – Wisconsin woodland owners

North American Wetlands Conservation Act: Small Grants Program – USFWS matching funds for wetlands restoration projects up to $100,000.

Partners for Fish and Wildlife – USFWS funds projects on private land, especially those near National Wildlife Areas and federal waterfowl production areas. 

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Funds are provided for prairie and wetland, as well as stream and riparian restoration. Projects are often chosen which include multiple partners such as Pheasants Forever or the Nature Conservancy.

Wetland Reserve Enhancement Partnership – Financial and technical assistance available to help eligible conservation partners leverage local resources to voluntarily protect, restore and enhance critical wetlands on private and tribal agricultural land nationwide.


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